Day 40

It’s been a rather uninteresting day. Average days are good though, my sponsor tells me I need to have uneventful days. I have so much going on (divorce, homeless, children with behavioral issues) that a day where there isn’t a crisis and nothing huge happens is a good day. 

1. Ran into a kickball friend at work today. He was there for business, and we chatted for awhile. I ran through some of my life problems in short form, and he said to me, “you have a good job and no felonies. You’re way better off than a lot of people.” This is true. I have a place to stay with family, and food and a good job. Perspective.

2. One of my sisters stopped in at my work today. It was fun to see her briefly.

3. Received a stomach diagnosis. Gastritis, aka inflammation. I don’t have h pylori bacteria, which is good but there is no specific reason or cure for the inflammation. But! I know it isn’t ulcers, so that’s a good thing. I’ll take it.

4. Pancakes for dinner. Paleo pancakes. 6g of protein in each 4inch cake. And they tasted delicious as well. 

5. Snuggling the kitty. Little purr factory. God I love kittens. And he’s so good, hardly uses his claws. Come to mama…

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