Day 41…music of the month edition

There are songs I can’t get enough of. They describe my feelings during a particular time, and I listen to them non-stop for a time, until a new song catches my fancy. My playlist is constantly upgrading, rotating the new songs in and the older ones out when they no longer suit my mood.

This month, I’ve had some really good songs. I think I’ve felt every range of emotion pretty deeply. I’ve let myself go emotionally, because I no longer want to bottle things up. And it feels right, because I’m coming out of it and I’m not harboring resentments or anger. I think I know myself better, and who I’ve evolved to.

1. J-boy, by Phoenix.  I literally smile every time I hear it. It’s upbeat and I want to throw my arms up and abandon myself to dancing. The lyrics are good too…the things I have to go through… 

2. Circadian Rhythm by Silversun Pickups. It’s beautiful.

3. Gimme Sympathy by Metric. It’s not a love song (I don’t think) but a song about life. It makes me happy, and my daughter giggles like crazy when I sing and dance it to her.

4. The System only Dreams in Total Darkness by The National. It’s dark. It’s moody. An excellent breakup song, and it feels so right.

4. Ran, by The Future Islands. It’s kind of sad and lonely to a tempo that would make me swing my hips if I wasn’t wailing along with the lead singer. It touches the part of me that craves an answer to the mystery. There’s a powerful emotion to this one that soothes me and wakes up a pain at the same time.

5. Clearest Blue, by Chvrches. “Will you meet me more than halfway this time”. Nuff said. 

Bonus…Green Light by Lorde. It just feels good. 

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