Day 39

Today I had my stomach scoped. I’ve had so much pain that’s been getting worse where my doctor decided it was time to take a look.

I was expecting them to find ulcers. Honestly. But they didn’t find anything. Some biopsy results will come in tomorrow but with my luck those won’t show anything either. (Not to be pessimistic on my positivity blog, cue eyeroll) Eventually it’ll be figured out. I’m not worried about that or that it’s serious, I just don’t want to quit more foods.

I only brought this up because some of my positivity is a result of the endoscopy. Because they put me under during the procedure (whatever that anesthesia was, was INSTANT. HOLY CRAP I tasted it in my mouth, the guy said “fall asleep” and next thing I knew I was awake in a different room) I was not allowed to drive for twelve hours.

1. The confession. I’m glad I have a sense of humor and my family loves me. 

I have been under anesthesia several times, and it seems to hit me differently coming out each time. This time, I don’t remember much except telling my sister that she could ask me ANYTHING and I would tell her the truth. Like any good sister, she immediately texted my other sisters and had them submit questions. I vaguely recall something about the difference between an orange. More specifically, they screwed with my head and looking back it was pretty funny. Although I may have overshared some personal stuff, I would have done nothing less had it been the opposite.

2. Chillin with the kitten. He is such a mama’s boy. He follows me everywhere and sleeps on me and next to me. I saw some chart once showing cat ages in human years, making him 2 to 3 human years old and he acts it. Plays so hard and collapses. There’s nothing quite like holding a sleeping baby but holding his 4 lbs of fur was pretty close to it.

3. Walked to the nail salon and got my toes painted. I treat myself once a year, usually in the spring so I’m way overdue. But it was heavenly to be pampered for an hour, and bonus…two mile walk! Heeeeyyyyy…

4. Netflix and chill. Turned it into a Stranger Things marathon. Folded some laundry. Cleaned the bathroom floor. I can’t sit still long. Also made dinner and danced to my music because it was me and the kitty and I could. 

5. Meme war with the sisters.  This happens like once a week via group text. They make me laugh so hard. My personal favorite of the night:

And here is also a picture from my walk earlier…I thought the woods were lovely, dark, and deep.

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