Day 38

Been an odd sort of day here, weather wise. Started hot and sunny, then went gray and cloudy and got cold. Sun came back, and it now has a fall chill feel, windy and cool but sunny. More of a September or October kind of day. Not a fan, personally. I like hot and humid. But, it’s still summer and will warm up again Tuesday!

1. Church. Made an appearance for the first time since…January? Christmas? It’s been a long time. I wanted to try a new church so I could avoid the ex, but Aurora wanted her church, so we went. 

We lasted til just before the sermon before my tiny heathens made enough noise (actually, piercing screaming in the sanctuary right on cue when the prayer started) where I had to make a quick exit. But, I went! God knows I tried. 

2. Attempted to go to the zoo. Multiple times. We weren’t meant to go, apparently. And we were close to an animal shelter, so…we now have a kitten. I can’t explain it. I wanted an older cat, but this was the one that bonded after we played with a few. He’s adorable, and Aurora named him Storm. I tried suggesting Killer, Rampage, Cutthroat, orPrince Leopold but she wasnt having it. Storm isn’t a bad choice. 

3. Juliet is afraid of the kitten. This shouldn’t be a positive, but I’m a terrible person. So on the drive back, the kitten is in a box with holes in the space between the car seats in back. Suddenly, Juliet starts screaming hysterically. I look in back (I’m on the freeway as this is happening going 60mph) and the kitten has it’s full leg put the hole and is batting at her carseat. She’s terrified. And I can’t stop laughing. She calms down and 5 minutes later starts screaming again. I look back, and this time its got it’s little black snout out the hole and is licking it’s teeth. 5 more minutes, and its batting at her again. No doubt in my mind. This cat was meant to be ours.

4. Pizza for dinner, from my favorite (and only) pizza place. I had to force myself to not eat the whole thing. Gluten free deliciousness with daiya cheese. 

5. Found fake pringles. They are made from potatoes mostly with powdered broccoli, peas and spinach. They taste like I remember pringles (aka HEAVEN) and I’ve been downing them like crazy. 

Things are winding down, and I’ve got a craving to rewatch Stranger Things. I’m cut off from Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and I need a horror fix that won’t really keep me up all night. I’m choosy about my horror. Someone needs to invite me over to watch their cable for a while. 😐

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