Day 37

I missed posting yesterday because I was out very late. I needed to sleep as soon as I got back to my sister’s couch. (Thats where I sleep until further notice) So I will mish mash some of yesterday in with today…both have been very good days.

1. Worked only a half day yesterday. Daycare was closed, so the ex took the kids in the morning, and I took them in the afternoon. Friday’s are dead in the summer, so while I do enjoy working in complete peace and quiet it was nice to enjoy an afternoon off with my babies.

2. Walk to the park with the girls, also yesterday. It kind of ended disastrously but the majority of it was fun. I love playing with them at the playground.

3. Food. Omg. So, back around Christmas my AA sponsor had a party for her sponsees. I have food issues (gluten, dairy and soy intolerances…its bad) so this woman, knowing my issues made me this amazing wonderful dish. I was with a friend, and he talked me into contacting her (this was after I went ON AND ON about this amazing dish) to get her recipe. 

A miracle happened…she answered right away and got me the recipe. We made it…and I may have had a food orgasm. It was Italian sausage, with mushrooms, garlic and onion and herbs in coconut milk. We ate it over rice (previously I’d eaten it over noodles). So. Good. I might make it again Monday.

4. Pool day! Miss Juliet needed a new swimsuit, and she now has a supergirl suit. Death by cuteness. Aurora had a ton of fun there too, we spent a couple hours at the water park. 

5. Pool party…there was a big sober event tonight at a different water park. No kids this time, I hired my patient and wonderful cousin to watch my sweet little velociraptors for a few hours. I heard some AA speakers, and then it was off to the water. I lost my sunglasses when I went on the diving board (because not paying attention is how I roll) and some really nice guy dived in and got them back for me.

6. Dancing at the pool. Why stop at just fun in the water? There was a dj and I danced with glow sticks and light up balls flying through the air. I danced with my friends for the sheer joy of it. And even danced while in the pool at one point. (Bucket list, check) I love to dance. I don’t understand people who don’t. My feet hurt a little from dancing for hours barefoot on pavement but it’s a good hurt.

7. Shower. I took a long, delicious shower when I got back. I’m soft and clean and smell good. I love it.

8. Bonus, after getting that recipe I now have a coffee date planned with the woman who gave me the recipe. I haven’t seen her since the holidays, and she’s cool as hell so I’m excited! New friend!

Anyone who thinks getting sober means the fun is over is wrong. They just haven’t found the right sober people to hang out with. 💖

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