Day 36

1. The Wheel of Time book 14. The final book. I’m 20% through already. I was told that pretty much everyone who reads this book cries because it’s so good and sad. I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’ve been reading this series since late February, when my life changes started so I feel strange with it ending so soon. 
2. Leftover homemade hamburger something or other I made the other night for lunch. It had rice, seasonings, and tomatoes in it, and it tasted like a hug from mom. 

3. China is creeping on this site. I’m not sure about their intentions. But no such thing as bad publicity? Maybe?

4. Music. Every song I heard today was just what the soul needed.

5. Played with the kids outside a bit. I need a big yard. I’ve decided that’s a must have when I finally get to start looking for a home.

I saw a tarot reader a couple months ago. I don’t hold much with fortune telling but I’d never done it so I thought why the hell not. She told me my life was burning down and this was my opportunity to rebuild into the life i want. Whoa. This from a woman who knew nothing about me other than my name. (She knew more than that, it was scary) She also told me I needed to become “the highest form of woman” or something to that effect. (What does that MEAN?)

I would like to know when the rebuilding will start. I feel like it’s still burning down and while it’s been bad it’s getting worse. I have this opportunity for a new life that I wanted so badly but I can’t start making it yet. I’m in limbo. Purgatory, if you will. 

I’m still hopeful. Just impatient. And I could really use a good hug. 

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