Day 31

I’m already slacking, and it’s only been one day since my first 30. So I’ll do two today. One for yesterday, and one for today.

1. Dinner with my dad. The food was  amazing. I’m still full. Almost a day later. Someday i hope I can have an adult conversation while my kids are at the table but at least they’ve stopped snatching the food from my hand halfway to my mouth. Baby steps.

2. I wore warm clothes. And I appreciated my life choices in this matter.

3. Long conversations with my friend. Kindred spirits. She makes me laugh, and calls me out.

4. Did the dishes. It was getting dicey in the kitchen for a minute, but the danger has passed. And we have clean utensils.

5. Cut my sister’s bangs. She trusts me to do this for her and I manage to do it without completely mangling her hair. At least I’m pretty sure I didn’t. 🤔 We were outside, in semidarkness while I was on the phone when it happened. But I’m 89% sure I did it right.

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