Day 32

 Life is hard today. Some days are more difficult than others, but this evening, since I left work has been difficult. So. Time to remind myself of good things to get this back on track.

1. The office wasn’t frigid today. It wasn’t the six shades of hell either. Usually its one or the other but today the climate was perfect.

2. It’s Friiiidaaaay!

3. Cheeseburger pie for dinner. Mine, and my kids ultimate comfort food. So good.

4. There is a possibility of sleeping in tomorrow 

5. In this one moment, I have peace and quiet. It’ll be gone shortly, but for just a minute I’m enjoying it.


Something I was thinking about today…

I have trouble with accepting that others love me. I have a lot of self love, and love for the people in my life, but my past experiences with relationships have left me with an inability to accept love from others. Perhaps it’s fear, that if I accept it, it will be taken away?

The below excerpt from my daily mediation hit especially hard today.

2017-07-14 13_30_20-Daily Recovery Readings July 14

I believe I can heal. I’m trying to live fearlessly. And I think someday I can accept the love others have for me, and have the healthy relationships I want in my life.

I have hope.

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