Daily positivity day 30

30 days came and went so fast. I hardly even noticed it. I am so wrapped up in my day to day life sometimes, and things are hard so some days its all I can do to find even the smallest good thing in a day. The more I think carefully over the days, I’m finding so many reasons to be joyful. So many good things happen in a day that I don’t give the credit to, when it should be noticed. I don’t feel done with this yet.

Because of that, I’ve decided to continue, as long as I can or need to. And after much thought, I decided a blog was a better way to do it than posting on Facebook daily. I feel like the internet might keep me honest. Or at least the thought of someone calling me out for not doing it might keep me honest, even if no one besides me reads it.

To start, since I’ll post my thirtieth day on Facebook and not here, I’ll highlight my five favorite positive things from the last thirty days.

1. Music. I don’t know how to describe it, but living through the music in my playlist. There’s the songs that I dance to when I’m alone. The songs I wail in the car because I can do that if no one is listening. The songs that make me FEEL. The songs that remind me of people I shared them with, whether I sent them the song or lived an experience with them while it played. The music felt good today.

2. Got a tattoo. I won’t post a picture of it, because it’s for me, but trust me its beautiful and everything I wanted.

3. My new most favorite thing. My sisters brought it back from Florida for me. (They are so thoughtful) It’s a back scratcher. Yes. I used it. I will use it again.

4. Mostly I like knowing things. Knowing things helps you know how to react, or plan ahead. Right now, I like not knowing. I like that there’s a general frame and the rest is this huge open expanse of anything. Anything could happen. Something good, something crappy. I trust my higher power will give me what I need in each situation and that I don’t know what the day will bring. My soul is restless and I love and accept that part of myself today. I am embracing the mystery.

5. Aurora taught Juliet to pick her nose on command. It’s freaking hilarious and I’m super bummed I have to be mom and all like “no picking noses! Aurora stop encouraging her!” I just want to laugh.

Reading back through these reminds me of all the good times I’ve had this month. I’ve done alot. Made a ton of new friends and spent time with old ones. Danced like it was just me and the music. And it makes me truly happy to see that.


14 thoughts on “Daily positivity day 30

      1. Thanks very much mam!
        For giving yours precious attention to my small efforts, i will come up with 2 new poems each day hope u come to visit me !
        Urs- mystic writer


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