Day 42

I’ve been impatient today. Too much work to get done, and not enough time. Interrupted constantly. Got distracted multiple times. Strong feeling the boss doesn’t like me. I just wanted today to be over because of tomorrow. Tomorrow things happen that will decide if I can buy a house like I want, or if I will need to rent. In either case it means I will finally be able to look for a place to live. 

It was a pretty good day overall, in spite of my distracted self at work.

1. Amazing tacos from my new favorite taco place. Spicy chicken street tacos. Smothered in hot salsa. My stomach might hate me but I’m so hungry for them all over again.

2. Hula hooping. I’ve finally figured it out! I put some music on outside and hooped for a good 40 minutes straight while A played on her scooter. I’m pretty pleased with myself. I have a ways to go before I’m doing tricks but I’m on my way. 

3. Cashew milk ice cream. Oh yes I’m back to that again. I’m a sucker for that salted caramel goodness. I was talking to a new friend last night about how amazing cashew milk ice cream is, and she suggested the snickerdoodle. I’ll try it sometime but right now the salted caramel is calling my name.

4. Dr. Who. I’m rewatching old episodes while writing. This show is so good on so many levels. Someday I’m going to watch the original seasons but for now it’s all about Rose Tyler. And David Tennant.

5. Looking forward to tomorrow. I should live in the present, I know (I know) but I’ve been waiting for this day for what feels like forever. In truth, it’s been the better part of a year, and regardless of what the outcome is I won’t be waiting to look for a place to live anymore. I can start looking. Plus, bonus, I have evening plans I’m kind of looking forward to.

It’s almost bedtime, but I don’t want to go to sleep yet. My thoughts are wild with the endless possibilities of directions things could go. And I suddenly feel the need for chips and salsa with my Dr. Who.

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