I have a serious lack of inspiration when it comes to blog posts lately. I feel like I could write about everything- so many wonderful things are going on in my life but when I sit down to write, my mind is blank.

The piano is going really well. I feel so good about where I’m at with the class. I finally see progress. I can sit down with sheet music (to my skill level, of course) and read it and play it. There is a thrill in this, and it makes me happy and want to play more.

The math is going well too. I need to study more (that should be my mantra) but I feel good about where I’m at with that too. I’m really enjoying it…its like a puzzle. Except memorizing the process on solving the puzzle isn’t coming along so great. But I’m getting there!

And there’s some more big news…

Lover and I have decided to officially move in together!

I know. This is huge.

I feel so good about this. I feel ready emotionally. My girls love him. His son is great, we all get along so well together. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I don’t think it will.

This is the best relationship I’ve ever had, things are so good and I feel confident in it. I’m in love with him, and he’s in love with me. Little hiccups happen and we work them out. I am so happy.

Life is good on a level I didn’t know existed. My friend Stephanie told me once, “this is what it’s like to be happy. We aren’t used to it. But this is what it’s like to be a happy person and so enjoy it”.

It feels good.

The daily

Tonight, my cat jumped to bat the chain for the door lock (5 feet high!) And while doing so, flipped the light switch off.

This might be the most interesting thing that’s happened all day.

Upon my return to normal life after the vacation 5 weeks ago, Lover and I both got sick with some awful cold virus that we still can’t seem to kick. Did all the things. Tinctures. Dayquil and Nyquil. Afrin Nasal spray. Steam out the apartment. Advil cold and sinus. Sudafed. After a couple weeks of this, mine turned into a double sinus infection with bronchitis and Lover had a sinus infection with a wicked cough.

Life is hard when you’re sick. Not sick enough to not work (or in my case out of sick time at the job so therefore must work unless dead) but sick enough for no energy and daily life is a struggle. I feel very fortunate that Lover and I have been able to depend on each other to take care of each other through this. Truly, it’s not as awful being sick when you’re sick together and taking turns taking care of each other.

Positive notes:

  1. Discovered Rick and Morty. Yessssss
  2. Lover makes delicious ramen and peppermint tea and stewed apples
  3. I make crazy delicious chicken soup
  4. All the children survived sick parents and somehow managed to not get sick themselves
  5. After 5 weeks of being sick I finally have energy back.
  6. It’s nearly spring! In less than 1.5 hours it will be the spring equinox. It’s about time. I’m so fed up with cold and electric bills and not having the windows open.