My stars, it smells so good in here. I’ve just finished the pies for my mini thanksgiving and I want to just sink my face in them both. Pumpkin pie, made with coconut milk and love, and a chocolate pecan pie, made with earth balance and some sultry melted soy free chocolate chips. I’ve not […]

That time of year

When it gets colder, thanksgiving is just around the corner, and Caillou’s holiday movie is on. Yes, I said the c-word. Parents everywhere are crying in their coffee mugs, counting the minutes until their next glass of bourbon or their AA meeting.  And not even thanksgiving yet.  I haven’t truly looked forward to a thanksgiving […]

My song of the day and other things

Its a music day. I have these days from time to time where I find really awesome songs, download them, listen to the shit out of them, then wonder why I’m not hearing anything new. It seems to only happen at random too…I can’t just go out and look for it. It has to find […]

A letter to you.

I came home tonight, two tired hungry children in tow to a clean sink. I knew when I left this morning that you’d do the dishes. But I still didn’t expect you to.  I just don’t think you truly know what this means to me.  Over the last 13 to 14 years of life, I […]

Day 102

Homemade pizza. Dare I say, all things wonderful come to mind? Paired with Stranger Things 2, a warm cat, and snuggly Lover, and all is set for an amazing cold November evening. I use a recipe for crust coming from Bette Hageman’s cookbook, The Gluten Free Gourmet Bakes Bread. I have no permissions to post […]

Day 101

November…cold…cloudy…cold… I like how November brings things I love. Like Thanksgiving. (Food) Christmas cookie baking after thanksgiving. (More food) Inevitable weight gain from all the food. (An extra layer of warmth from the food? A girl has to stay warm) Today I did some online grocery shopping, and started buying some of the essentials I […]