Day 43

Yes, I skipped a day again. The positive parts of yesterday were for me. Someday, maybe I’ll share but for now, it’s mine. A different part of yesterday did not go as planned. I will not be able to look for housing for another two weeks. Unexpected outcomes seem to be frequent with me, so […]

Day 42

I’ve been impatient today. Too much work to get done, and not enough time. Interrupted constantly. Got distracted multiple times. Strong feeling the boss doesn’t like me. I just wanted today to be over because of tomorrow. Tomorrow things happen that will decide if I can buy a house like I want, or if I […]

Day 41…music of the month edition

There are songs I can’t get enough of. They describe my feelings during a particular time, and I listen to them non-stop for a time, until a new song catches my fancy. My playlist is constantly upgrading, rotating the new songs in and the older ones out when they no longer suit my mood. This […]

Day 40

It’s been a rather uninteresting day. Average days are good though, my sponsor tells me I need to have uneventful days. I have so much going on (divorce, homeless, children with behavioral issues) that a day where there isn’t a crisis and nothing huge happens is a good day.  1. Ran into a kickball friend […]

Day 39

Today I had my stomach scoped. I’ve had so much pain that’s been getting worse where my doctor decided it was time to take a look. I was expecting them to find ulcers. Honestly. But they didn’t find anything. Some biopsy results will come in tomorrow but with my luck those won’t show anything either. […]

Day 38

Been an odd sort of day here, weather wise. Started hot and sunny, then went gray and cloudy and got cold. Sun came back, and it now has a fall chill feel, windy and cool but sunny. More of a September or October kind of day. Not a fan, personally. I like hot and humid. […]